Episode 29: Eric Worringer an Evangelical Lutheran Pastor Redeveloping the Church

Lawrence, MA, Faith, Context and Church Redevelopment


Lawrence, Massachusetts, is one of the poorest cities in the United States, and is the poorest in Massachusetts. Lawrence has a population of just under 70,000 people, 72 percent of whom are Hispanic. An amazing 28 percent of the people of Lawrence live below the poverty line.  Eric Worringer was called to serve Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lawrence and he is working hard to make connections to the community and to proclaim the Gospel in ways that may be new to many people.  He shares his call to ministry, what he is doing now to reach people and some visions for the future.

Episode 28: Conversation with Tangled Blue

Music, Ministry, Travel and Seminary


Tangled Blue began in the winter of 1995 when the duo first met, but they didn’t realize it until five years later. In the summer of 2000, Aimée (vocals, percussion) and Joel (vocals, guitar) performed together for the first time. In September of 2001 Aimée and Joel were married and would soon start performing together as Tangled Blue. Their first recording was completed in early 2003. Recorded at a farmhouse in Menomonie, Wisconsin, it is a caffeinated folk-rock blend of songs that have shown their durability as the duo traveled with them over 500,000 miles of U.S. highways. In 2005 Aimée and Joel relocated to Texas and in early 2007 left for an extended tour that has taken them from Texas to Hawaii to Florida to the Dakotas and everywhere in between. With a new residence in Minneapolis Minnesota, Tangled Blue completed a recording based on the season of Advent in 2008 and a Christmas recording in 2011.

Tangled Blue performs throughout the U.S. at churches, coffee shops, colleges, youth gatherings and festivals. For more information email them.

Episode 27: Conversation with Matthew Martin

EndHungerNE, Ministry, and Calling


We had a great conversation with Matthew Martin who is the Regional Director for End Hunger Now.  To learn more about what Matthew is doing you can find him on Facebook.

Episode 26: Conversation with Pastor Ron Glusenkamp

Director of the ELCA Always Being Made New Campaign

Conversation with Pastor Ron Glusenkamp

Today we talk with Pastor Ron Glusenkamp who is the Director for the Always Being Made New Campaign for the ELCA.  If you want to find out more about the campaign please visit elca.org/campaign.  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

Episode 25: How to Experiment in the Church

Experimentation, Try New Things, Be Authentic

How to Experiment

Last week the 2 Bald Pastors had a great conversation with Maria Anderson.  This week they had a follow up conversation.

In this episode they talk about

  • Experimentation
  • Connecting with younger generations
  • The importance of trying new things
  • How to be authentic in ministry.

Thank you for listening and enjoy!

Episode 23: The E-Formation Conference

Joe Joins a New Crowd


This week we present to you a podcast recorded at the E-Formation Conference at the Virginia Theological Seminary on June 6, 2016. The other podcasts involved were The Collect Call, Story Divine and This Everyday Holy.

It was a fun Podcast to do and we hope to work with other podcasts in the future!

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Episode 22: Conversation with John Longworth

Food Ministry, Franciscan Ministry and Faith Formation


Pastor John Longworth is the Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Rutland, VT.  John’s congregation has a great mission statement “Fed by God to Feed the World.”  In this episode we talk with John about the food ministry happening at Good Shepherd.  We also talk with him about his activity as a a part of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans.  Please enjoy this latest episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.

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Episode 21: Are you a Hero or a Prophet?

Three ways to Find your Prophetic Voice


In this episode Pastor Geoff and Pastor Joe followup from last week’s conversation with Angel Marrero.  They also discuss the quote from Pastor Tim Krick

I want to be someone who stops bad things from happening in the world.  But I want to be more than that, heroes stop bad things from happening prophets are people who call out systems that allow those horrific things to continually happen.  What I want to be is someone who stops the obvious things from happening in the first place because the hard work was done to stop that kind of culture to profolate.

Lots of people to thank this week.  Gay Moceri who worships at Lutheran Church of the Nativity North Conway, NH for introducing this week’s episode.  Angel Marrero for inspiring our conversation.  Tim Krick for the use of his work to further conversation and Cliff Ravenscraft and Ray Edwards for inspiration in thinking about shoulds and musts mentioned on The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

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