Conversation with Dan Rift of ELCA World Hunger

In episode 83 of the podcast Pastor Joe McGarry and Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo talk with Dan Rift of the ELCA.  

Dan talks about the good work ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response are doing in the world.

Dan also talks about the upcoming event with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and Rick Steves

82: Geoff and Joe are Not Freaking Out

With the Coronavirus hitting the world. There is a lot to freak out about. Geoff and Joe talk about how they are handling things. It is a great listen.

81: Holy Everything with Emily Carson

Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff have a wonderful conversation with Emily Carson about her book Holy Everything.

You can buy a book from Amazon by going to Holy Everything

You can learn more about Emily at her website

You can learn more about the 2 Bald Pastors at their website

M.O.D. Cast on the Podcast

Brian Scott and Justin Boeding are two Masters of Divinity (M.O.D.) talk about pop culture and God.

They come on the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast to talk about their podcast and how they go about making an excellent show. 

In this podcast we get into The Mandalorian and so much more!

Clergy Burnout

Have you ever felt like you have been burned out as a pastor or ministry leader?  Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo shares his story of burnout and how he has overcome burnout.

Conversation with Cliff Ravenscraft

Joe has Cliff Ravenscraft on today’s podcast episode.  

Cliff Ravenscraft a business mentor, life coach and motivational speaker. Cliff mentors coaches, consultants and thought leaders through the transition from their unfulfilling day job into their own responsible and profitable online business so that they can live the life of their dreams and do the work they feel most called to do in this world.

Today Cliff and Joe talk about Cliff’s life in ministry and the importance of mindset.  They talk about the need of being a part of a supportive community and they talk about Cliff’s upcoming conference Free the Dream

Episode 77: Everyday Spirituality with The 2 Bald Pastors

Geoff and Joe followup their conversation with Bishop Hazelwood with a conversation about what Everyday Spirituality means to them.  This is an interesting conversation and takes some twists and turns you might not expect.

Links Mentioned in the show. 

Bishop on a Bike

Dan is the Worst

Everyday Spirituality Podcast by Bishop Jim Hazelwood

Episode 76: Everyday Spirituality with Bishop Hazelwood

James Hazelwood has been a parish pastor, photographer, disc jockey and ice cream scooper.  These life experiences inform his writing for the recently released book, Everyday Spirituality: Discover a Life of Hope, Peace and Meaning

He currently serves as Bishop of the New England Synod of the Lutheran Church (ELCA)  He and his wife, Lisa, share a home along the Rhode Island coast where they bicycle, garden and enjoy visits from their grandchildren.

Everyday Spirituality: Discover a Life of Hope, Peace and Meaning seeks to help people who have struggled with traditional practices of the spiritual life. Rather than prescribing another failed attempt at daily devotional readings, written prayers and moments of quiet meditation, Everyday Spirituality exposes the truth that much of what we already do in life is, in fact, spiritual.

Through a series of short chapters centered around an action such as breathing, walking, working, eating, the reader realizes that spirituality is not an assigned section of their day or week.  It’s everything they do.

You can learn more at

Episode 75: The Beginning of Acts

In a new series Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff will be reading through the book of Acts story by story.  In this first episode they talk about their favorite stories and themes throughout the book of Acts and why they decided to embark upon this series.  

How is the Holy Spirit acting in your life?  

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Episode 74: In the City for Good

The 2 Bald Pastors talk with Paula Mehmel, the pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford, CT. 

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the people of Emanuel overwhelmingly voted to call Rev. Dr. Paula V. Mehmel as its eighth Pastor since its founding in 1889.

“Pastor Paula” as she is widely known, served as the Senior Interim Pastor at Elim Lutheran Church in Fargo. While most recently based in Casselton, N.D. she is a Minnesota native. Pastor Paula holds an undergraduate degree in English and German from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. Pastor Paula is a popular speaker, writer, and proud single mother of two sons who both attend Harvard University.

With a passion for serving the last, the lost and the least, Pastor Paula is a committed community member with a special interest in homelessness, refugee resettlement and addressing issues of sexual violence. She goes to Uganda yearly as part of South Sudanese Leadership and Community Development to do trauma healing and other work in the South Sudanese Refugee Camp.  Pastor Paula has also been deeply involved in homelessness issues and has served as president of Churches United for the Homeless for three years.

Pastor Paula’s calling is to make connections; between the timeless Word of God and our everyday lives, between the gifts God bestowed on us and the needs in our community and our world, and between people so that we might see all people, including ourselves, as precious and beautiful, but broken, children of God who have been redeemed by God’s grace and in order to continually extend our vision of who are neighbors are.

She relishes the opportunity to share her thoughts on anything from social justice to theology to random musings about her latest travel adventures.