Episode 09: Interview with Pastor David Hansen

Call to Ministry, Spirit of Joy! Prayer and Preaching

Today we offer you our interview of Pastor David Hansen who serves Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, Texas.  David is a blogger and social media guru.  He is a creative and passionate pastor and in his spare time he is a celebrity blogger for Lent Madness and a facilitator for Church and Social Media #chsocm, a weekly Twitter conversation founded by his friend and mentor Meredith Gould.  You can learn more about David’s and his work in The Lutheran, Church Marketing Sucks, and Church Leaders.  You can connect with David on Twitter, and Facebook.

We talked with David about his call to ministry, his church,  his prayer practice, his view on preaching and much more. We hope this episode inspires you to connect with God, the church and to learn more about yourself.

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