#BeTheChurch Challenge

The 2 Bald Pastors are looking for ways that YOU are being the church in the world.  If you want to know about how we think we can be the church check out episode 41 of the podcast.  You can find details about the challenge in the video below.

Episode 38: Decolonize the Inauguration

Things you can do this day to connect with others

The 2 Bald Pastors sit down and talk with Lenny Duncan and Francisco Herrera and get updates to what is happening in #‎decolonizeLutheranism.  We also talk about things you can do to decolonize the Inauguration as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

Links mentioned in the episode

Fuck This Shit Advent Devotional

Naked and Unashamed Facebook

Naked and Unashamed Website



Lenny’s Post Election Blog Post

Episode 37: Young Adult in Global Mission

Young Adults Missionaries Around the World

Nathan Berkas and Andrew Steele have an amazing job.  They travel around the country telling people about the amazing work that the ELCA is doing in missionary work, especially the work that young adults are doing in missionary work.  Nathan and Andrew join the 2 Bald Pastors and they talk more about the ministry of YAGM, why it is important to the church and how you can be a part of this amazing ministry.

Please enjoy the latest episode of the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast

Young Adults in Global Mission on the ELCA Website

YAGM on Facebook

YAGM on Twitter

Apply to be a Young Adult in Global Mission

Episode 26: Conversation with Pastor Ron Glusenkamp

Director of the ELCA Always Being Made New Campaign

Today we talk with Pastor Ron Glusenkamp who is the Director for the Always Being Made New Campaign for the ELCA.  If you want to find out more about the campaign please visit elca.org/campaign.  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

Episode 22: Conversation with John Longworth

Food Ministry, Franciscan Ministry and Faith Formation

Pastor John Longworth is the Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Rutland, VT.  John’s congregation has a great mission statement “Fed by God to Feed the World.”  In this episode we talk with John about the food ministry happening at Good Shepherd.  We also talk with him about his activity as a a part of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans.  Please enjoy this latest episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.

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Episode 17: Mikka McCracken

More Cell Phones Than Toliets

Mikka McCracken is the director of planning and engagement for ELCA World Hunger and will serve as this year’s ELCA Assembly Representative for the New England Synod. A South Korean adoptee, she grew up in northern Minnesota and is a lifelong Lutheran. Mikka has also worked with the ELCA Justice for Women program and ELCA Washington Office on gender justice advocacy and ELCA Global Mission on “glocal” learning events. She graduated in political science and peace studies at Gustavus Adolphus College and has completed her certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Continuing Studies. She believes it is possible to end poverty and hunger and that the church has an important role to play in that endeavor.

We had a wonderful conversation with Mikka and we are excited to get to know her more at this year’s assembly.

Episode 15: You Might be Lutheran If….

A Conversation about ‪#‎decolonizeLutheranism

PastorPaul Bailie who serves Iglesia Luterana San Lucas in Eagle Pass, Texas got tired of seeing jokes and memes about Lutherans eating Jell-O. He decided to make some of his own.  He said, “I started making the memes in frustration with jokes that assumed that Lutherans were Scandinavian. As a pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation on the Mexican border, I’m tired of the unwritten rule that says Lutherans have to eat certain foods or sing certain songs.” This started a movement called #‎decolonizeLutheranism‬.  Elle Dowd started the hashtag and now thousands of people are talking about how as Lutherans we can move from a conversation Lutherans are known only for their Norwegian jokes about Sven and Ollie.

#decolonizelutheranism means that we are moving to a place where we can have deep, meaningful conversation and action to experience unity through diversity.

We talk with Lenny Duncan and Francisco Herrera about their role as a part of the leadership team for #‎decolonizeLutheranism.  We explore the four beliefs outlined on their website.

  1. #decolonizeJustification
  1. #decolonizeLeadership
  1. #decolonizeTheStory
  1. #decolonizeEvangelism

We are thankful for leaders like Lenny, Francisco and many others who are at the forefront of important conversations.  Please take some time to listen to this week’s podcast.  We invite you to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Next week Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff will be sharing their thoughts on this important topic.  If you would like to leave us some feedback please do and we will try and include it in next week’s podcast.

Other Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Lenny’s website

Francisco’s website

Francisco’s Masters Thesis on Ministering to Recovering Christians

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Episode 13: Conversation with Mark Huber

Experimentation, Mission, Networking and Graham

Thank you for support our podcast the last six months.  It is hard to believe that we were sitting down with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton six months ago and now we are experiencing so much growth and opportunity because of our podcast.

We want to continue to bring you value in what we are doing and we want to help you connect your faith with your life.  We have multiple projects we are working on and we are excited to share some of those things with you as we move forward.

We are going to a weekly format!  Every week you will be able to listen to a new podcast episode.  We are moving from a Wednesday release to a Friday morning release.  If you are an early morning riser you will have the podcast to listen to by 5:00 am every Friday.

We are now on Google Play Music!  You can subscribe to our podcast on Itunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play Music.  Any of these platforms you can subscribe to in your favorite podcast app.  You can also come here to the website to listen to every episode.

This week we sit down with Mark Huber who is the pastor of Sanctuary Church in Marshfield, MA.  Mark is a mission developer, a musician, a great pastor and Mark and his wife Sara wrote the 2 Bald Pastors theme music.  We hope you enjoy this episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.


Episode 11: Interview with Rich Melheim

The Brain, Faith Formation, Family, and Faith 5

Today we offer you our interview with The Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim.  Dr. Rich is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer for Faith Inkubators.  He is an entrepreneur, author, semiotician, cartoonist, comedian, speaker, publisher, playwright, songwriter, family counselor, business systems consultant, amateur complexity theorist, log cabin builder, preschool designer, and student of the human brain, Melheim has appeared on 50 network television news shows from WNBC-NY to KTLA to CNN consulting on family issues.

An ordained Lutheran pastor with a BA in Journalism (UND – 1977), an MDiv in Theology (Luther Seminary 1981) and a DMIN in Semiotics and the Future (George Fox Evangelical Seminary – 2013), Rich has invested his ministry in creating Christian education systems that pull parents into the core of children, youth and family ministry “every night in every home.”

Rich is the founder and initiating force behind Faith Inkubators, a Christian education systems design think tank. He founded and serves as CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Faith Inkubators, the Faith Inkubators Foundation, and the Preschool Incubators Project, a new entity dedicated to creating “access to excellence” in early learning through the arts.

We talked with Rich about the projects he is working on, and the importance of family in connection with our life of faith.

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Episode 09: Interview with Pastor David Hansen

Call to Ministry, Spirit of Joy! Prayer and Preaching

Today we offer you our interview of Pastor David Hansen who serves Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, Texas.  David is a blogger and social media guru.  He is a creative and passionate pastor and in his spare time he is a celebrity blogger for Lent Madness and a facilitator for Church and Social Media #chsocm, a weekly Twitter conversation founded by his friend and mentor Meredith Gould.  You can learn more about David’s and his work in The Lutheran, Church Marketing Sucks, and Church Leaders.  You can connect with David on Twitter, and Facebook.

We talked with David about his call to ministry, his church,  his prayer practice, his view on preaching and much more. We hope this episode inspires you to connect with God, the church and to learn more about yourself.

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