Special Edition Lent Episode 59: Why Forgive?

Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff talk about the importance of forgiveness and give Biblical examples of God forgiving and loving us.

Episode 58: Why Pray?

Joe and Geoff take on Lent one and the question why pray?  Why is it important to pray?  What didfference does it make in our lives. Joe shares one of the greatest prayer experience in his life.

Episode 57: Special Lent Edition

Why Lent?

Joe and Geoff are starting a new series called “Why Lent?”  In this episode they give an overview of the series and they talk about preaching themes for Ash Wednesday.


Links mentioned in the episode

Article by David Lose that inspired this series – https://www.workingpreacher.org/craft.aspx?post=1465

Sunday is Coming – https://www.workingpreacher.org/craft.aspx?post=1465


Episode. 56: Keith Anderson Remix

Keith Anderson, Joe McGarry and Geoff Sinibaldo sit down IN PERSON for a conversation about Keith’s upcoming book and what’s new in digital ministry.

Episode 55: The Forcehood of All Believers

Joe and Geoff talk about the new Star Wars Movie

Episode 54: Conversation with Bishop Yvette Flunder

At the New England Synod Bishop’s Convocation we had an opportunity to talk with Bishop Yvette Flunder.  She is an inspiring amazing woman who talked with the rostered leaders of the synod about how we can continue to be the church in the 21st century and beyond.

Bishop Yvette Flunder is a native San Franciscan and third generation preacher with roots in the Church of God in Christ. Bishop Flunder is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ and holds both masters and doctorate degrees in Ministry from the Pacific School of Religion and the San Francisco Theological Seminary, respectively. In 2003, she was appointed Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, a multi-denominational coalition of over 56 churches and faith-based organizations from all over the world.

Bishop Flunder is a trustee and adjunct professor at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. She is an active voice for the Religion Council of the Human Rights Campaign, as well as for the National Black Justice Coalition. Bishop Flunder is a highly sought after preacher and religious educator as evidenced by her having spoken at divinity schools nationwide including those at Duke, Yale , Drew, and the New York Theological Seminary. She is the author of Where the Edge Gathers: A Theology of Homiletic Radical Inclusion, published by Pilgrim Press. In addition to her memorable sermons, Bishop Flunder is also known for her beautiful singing voice, made famous through her gospel recordings with Walter Hawkins and the Family, the City of Refuge Choir and Chanticleer.

You can find out more information about Bishop Flunder you can find more about her here.  

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Episode 53: The Luther Episode

Joe and Geoff talk about The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Martin Luther!

On October 31, 2017 we celebrate 500 years of the Reformation.  The 2 Bald Pastors talk about Luther and the amazing things he did for the church.  We also talk about valuable things we have learned and experienced from this reformer.

Episode 52: Reach the Beach with Knute Ogren

Welcome to the latest episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.  Sorry we have not had an episode in a few weeks.  The end of the summer has been busier than we thought.  We are happy to get back into the swing of things with a conversation with Knute Ogren.

Knute is the Director of Development and Communications at Camp Calumet in Freedom, NH.  He oversees Reach the Beach which is a Ragnar race.  You can learn more about it by listening to today’s episode.

To support this podcast we would like to invite you to a specially designed t-shirt created for this podcast.  Check out the shirt here: Be Good T-Shirt

Enjoy today’s Podcast


Camp Calumet

Lutheran Church of the Nativity

Lutheran Disaster Response



Conversation with Mark Huber

Conversation with Don Johnson

Knute’s Fundraising Page

Geoff’s Fundraising Page

Episode 51: Conversation with the Bishop on a Bike Jim Hazlewood

We have the honor of Interviewing our Bishop Jim Hazelwood for our 51st podcast episode.  Jim is an inspiration to many in the New England Synod as he is known as the Bishop on a Bike.  We talk about Healthy Church, Healthy Leaders and get an insight to some of the things he is working on in his ministry to so many people.

Geoff has written an amazing piece about a brief history of pastoring in America. Check it out in the link below.

A Brief History of Pastoring in America

Episode 50: Episode 50! Episode 50!!!

We look back at the first 50 episodes of the 2 Bald Pastors

The 50th episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.  We look back and share some of our favorite moments.  Thank you for joining us on this journey and we look forward to the next 50 and more.