Special Lent Edition 62: Holy Week

Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff talk about Holy Week, the importance of it and they share ideas of things happening in their churches during this special time of the year.

Special Edition Lent Episode 61: Why Share?

The 2 Bald Pastors Joe McGarry and Geoff Sinibaldo talk about the importance of sharing.  They tell stories of sharing and how their lives have changed because of generosity.  

Episode 48: Just Say NO

Joe and Geoff talk about how to say no to get more margin in your life.  Listen to it today!

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Book from Dr. Matt Skinner

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New Testament Scholar N.T. Wright calls the Acts of the Apostles, The Deeds and Teachings of King Jesus, Part II(Acts for Everyone, Part 1). This summer we will be on an adventure with those first “sent ones” (apostles) into a world that doesn’t know or follow this King Jesus. Hear their faith and witness. See Christ’s ongoing presence. Experience the Holy Spirit call to bold action, as we make connections to our own lives of faith today.


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2 Bald Pastors Sermon Series Week One

Easter 2 "Doubt + Encounter = ?"

Pastor Geoff and Pastor Joe have created a Sermon series for you to use called “Risen! Living New Life in a World Full of Uncertainty, Anger & Pain”. We are excited to present this amazing series that follows Jesus and the disciples through a series of appearances after the resurrection.

The texts used for this first week of the series are Isaiah 42:5-9Psalm 40:1-5Romans 6:1-11, and John 20:19-29

Below you will find the videos of Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff.  Please enjoy this offering.