Easter is coming! Easter 5B “Sacred yet invasive vines”







I am the vine. You are the branches. Those who abide in me and me in them bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5-6)

Jesus speaks of vines and fruit and connected-ness. It is all about life and growth. In light of Easter, we claim that we are connected to Christ’s resurrection and the new life he brings to be resurrection people in world full of destruction and death.

There is an invasive vine in our backyard that has been difficult to destroy. I’ve cut it, dug it up, pulled on it to find other extensions, and have used different weed killing options to keep it from coming back once and for all. I have even burned the branches I have cut off in my fire pit. Yet it grows. It returns. Even under attack and adversity…the vine thrives. New life finds a way.

We are branches connected to the vine of Christ. In him new life keeps finding a way.  Especially when it is attacked, we grow. It becomes easy for us to focus on our individual branch, and we get discouraged when we aren’t as fruitful as we know we can be. We focus on the forces that want to cut us off, dig us up, chop us down, and relentlessly uproot us.

Yet in Christ, we grow.

We are called to be invasively fruitful by staying connected to the source of life – Jesus himself. He warns that when we go off on our own or start to believe we are cut off from him we will wither and die. Yet to abide in him is life. Life the world so desperately needs.

When do you feel cut-off from the Vine?

Remember that connected to Jesus we are the branches that continue to grow, bear fruit and thrive.


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