Episode 05: The Farewell Tour

Interview with Lost and Found

LOST AND FOUND, Michael Bridges and George Baum, have been traveling around the world performing concerts of their original music and making friends in the process, since they were in high school. Their music is the kind of thing that often prompts reactions like, “Well, I have never heard anything like that before.” Michael and George admit it is a unique sound. Yet, just as they started their musical tours by riding bicycles coast to coast and performing on borrowed instruments wherever they were welcomed, they continue to encourage all who hear them to “do what you can with what you have for the glory of God,” as they make their own sound with just two instruments and their voices. Their concerts are interactive, driven by the audience. Each show is different–always spontaneous, improvisational and musical, and often poignant, occasionally funny. Some have said their music is “acoustic thrash.” Some have called it “heavy mental” owing to all the lyrical content in each three-minute song. And some have simply said, “Well, at least it’s organic.” However you choose to characterize the sound, if you see these guys play, you’ll find that all are welcome, that strangers become friends at the concerts, and that the music of faith is fun.

We had an amazing conversation with George and Michael as they began their final weekend of touring.  They started their weekend at Faith Lutheran Church in Gardner, MA.  Lost and Found then traveled toSt. James Lutheran in St. James, NY and finally ended up at The Life Church in Westbury, NY and Long Island Lutheran High School Brookville, NY.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 05: The Farewell Tour

  1. Hey 2bps, thanks for the great interview with George and Michael of Lost and found. I’ve followed them for years. I was happy to hear about what’s next for these two terrific teachers. Connect with me on Facebook @ 7rickcoleman, follow me on twitter @racjr6 and @StTimAPa
    Peace, Rick