Episode 13: Conversation with Mark Huber

Experimentation, Mission, Networking and Graham

Thank you for support our podcast the last six months.  It is hard to believe that we were sitting down with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton six months ago and now we are experiencing so much growth and opportunity because of our podcast.

We want to continue to bring you value in what we are doing and we want to help you connect your faith with your life.  We have multiple projects we are working on and we are excited to share some of those things with you as we move forward.

We are going to a weekly format!  Every week you will be able to listen to a new podcast episode.  We are moving from a Wednesday release to a Friday morning release.  If you are an early morning riser you will have the podcast to listen to by 5:00 am every Friday.

We are now on Google Play Music!  You can subscribe to our podcast on Itunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play Music.  Any of these platforms you can subscribe to in your favorite podcast app.  You can also come here to the website to listen to every episode.

This week we sit down with Mark Huber who is the pastor of Sanctuary Church in Marshfield, MA.  Mark is a mission developer, a musician, a great pastor and Mark and his wife Sara wrote the 2 Bald Pastors theme music.  We hope you enjoy this episode of the 2 Bald Pastors.


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