Episode 15: You Might be Lutheran If….

A Conversation about ‪#‎decolonizeLutheranism

PastorPaul Bailie who serves Iglesia Luterana San Lucas in Eagle Pass, Texas got tired of seeing jokes and memes about Lutherans eating Jell-O. He decided to make some of his own.  He said, “I started making the memes in frustration with jokes that assumed that Lutherans were Scandinavian. As a pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation on the Mexican border, I’m tired of the unwritten rule that says Lutherans have to eat certain foods or sing certain songs.” This started a movement called #‎decolonizeLutheranism‬.  Elle Dowd started the hashtag and now thousands of people are talking about how as Lutherans we can move from a conversation Lutherans are known only for their Norwegian jokes about Sven and Ollie.

#decolonizelutheranism means that we are moving to a place where we can have deep, meaningful conversation and action to experience unity through diversity.

We talk with Lenny Duncan and Francisco Herrera about their role as a part of the leadership team for #‎decolonizeLutheranism.  We explore the four beliefs outlined on their website.

  1. #decolonizeJustification
  1. #decolonizeLeadership
  1. #decolonizeTheStory
  1. #decolonizeEvangelism

We are thankful for leaders like Lenny, Francisco and many others who are at the forefront of important conversations.  Please take some time to listen to this week’s podcast.  We invite you to leave your thoughts and comments below.

Next week Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff will be sharing their thoughts on this important topic.  If you would like to leave us some feedback please do and we will try and include it in next week’s podcast.

Other Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Lenny’s website

Francisco’s website

Francisco’s Masters Thesis on Ministering to Recovering Christians

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