Episode 19: The Bible Episode

The Bible According to The 2 Bald Pastors

Last week Geoff and Joe talked with Author Brian Scott about his book That Day Great and Terrible.  This is a book that is influenced by the Bible, specifically the book of Revelation.  This week we talk about the Bible, we ask one another how they read the Bible and what are some of our favorite Bible verses.  We hope that this episode inspires you to pick up your Bible, to read it some more and to grow in your relationship with God.

If you have any questions about how to read the Bible or if you would like some resources please leave a comment below.

Some Resources Mentioned on the Show

Quote by Martin Luther “These are the Scriptures which make fools of all the wise and understanding, and are open only to the small and simple, as Christ says in Matthew 11:25. Therefore dismiss your own opinions and feelings, and think of the scriptures as the loftiest and noblest of holy things, as the richest of mines which can never be sufficiently explored, in order that you may find divine wisdom which God here lays before you in such simple guise as to quench all pride. Here you will find the swaddling clothes and the manger in which Christ lies. — Luther, Luther’s Works, vol. 35: Prefaces to the Old Testament, 236.

Daily Lectionary Reading by the ELCA

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