Episode 08: Cathedral Faith

Followup Conversation about Keith Anderson's Interview

In our new format Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff talk about some of the highlights of their interview with Pastor Keith Anderson.

In his book Digital Cathedral Keith gives 15 tips on engaging in social media called the Digital Rule of Life.  Joe and Geoff take these and talk about each one – these tips are not only good ways to engage in social media but we can use them as we engage with our faith.

  1. Be Present
  2. Listen
  3. Welcome the Stranger
  4. Pray Without Ceasing
  5. Be Helpful
  6. Be Humble
  7. Get Rhythm
  8. Curate Good Information
  9. Convene Conversation
  10. Participate in Meaning Making
  11. Tell Good Stories
  12. Disagree Amicably
  13. Take a Digital Sabbath
  14. Meet in Person Whenever Possible
  15. Commit All You Do to God

We hope you enjoy our latest episode.

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