Sunday is coming! Lent 5B “Seeing Jesus”










Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” (John 12:21b)

What would these foreign Greeks have to do with a Jewish Rabbi?

Maybe they heard rumors of his miracles and wanted to see a sign for themselves. Perhaps they heard he was a good teacher and sought his wisdom. Possibly they heard he was a healer and someone they loved was in need and they thought Jesus could help. Or, it could have been something else. We may never know.

Whatever their reasons, they sought him.

Whatever their reasons, people seek him still.

What are your reasons? Don’t you wish to see Jesus?

Pay attention to how Jesus responds to this request (John 12:22-26). He doesn’t send these outsiders away because they don’t belong. He offers no miracles, signs or healing so they come to believe. There is no holiness test to see if they are worthy or good enough. Jesus doesn’t even interact with these seekers directly.

Instead, Jesus speaks to those who follow him about being lifted-up in glory for all to see. If people want to see Jesus, he says to look no further than his cross. Jesus then invites anyone who will heed his call to come with him there, even if it means losing their own life in the process.

Do you see him?  How might others see him through you?

It doesn’t matter what our background is, or what brings us to Jesus in the first place. It only matters if we have eyes to see, ears to hear and an openness to follow Jesus wherever he leads.

Seeing. Hearing. Following.

Are you willing to be surprised by where Jesus might lead you?

He might just show you someone who wishes to meet him for the first time, however it was they got there.


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