All Saints 1: Who has God Created You to Be?

Sermon for All Saints Sunday 2015

Welcome to All Saints Sunday.  This sermon was preached at Faith Lutheran Church in Gardner, MA.  All Saints’ Day celebration has a long history in the worship life of the church. It began as a commemoration of the martyrs who had died for the faith, and it has since become a day when we honor and remember those who, in death, have joined the Church Triumphant, as well as the faithful saints of the present who serve Jesus Christ. Martin Luther held that all Christians are simultaneously sinner and saint–a sinner because of our rebellious nature, but a saint because of salvation in Jesus.

Enjoy the latest episode of Livin’ on Grace with Pastor Joe McGarry.

In this sermon Pastor Joe explores these ideas:

  • Who has God created you to be?
  • It is an interesting thing to think about who God has created us to be because our identity comes from so many different places.  Far too often we compare ourselves to others. We spend too much of our time wondering what others think and say about us.

  • With Mary’s face in the dirt she looks up at Jesus.  He can see that she is hurt, angry, sad, and exhausted.  He can hear it in her voice when she says.  “Who are you Jesus, how can you let this happen.  My brother, your friend is dead.  If only you would of been here he wouldn’t of died.”

  • The most significant part of this story for me is not in the fact that Lazarus is alive, but after Lazarus emerged from the tomb and Jesus could have said – unbind yourself.  Take your bandages off!!  But instead of doing that Jesus tells the community gathered there that day to help complete the miracle.

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